Technology & Diabetes

Technology is changing the way we live our lives and how we manage our diabetes with technology.

There are lots of different types of diabetes tech, like insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitors (CGM for short).

Depending on the type of diabetes you have, you might already be using things like insulin pens and blood glucose (sugar) monitors. Or maybe apps and smart technology to help you keep an eye on your weight and activity levels. But your options to manage your diabetes are growing as technology starts to develop.

Types of diabetes technology

  • Tech for taking insulin – Everyone with type 1 and some people with type 2 take insulin. The most common way for you to take insulin is with an insulin pen. But now there are more ways, thanks to changes in tech. Your diabetes technology can now include insulin pumps and smart insulin pens;
  • Tech for checking blood sugars – It’s really important you try to get your blood sugars at target levels to avoid serious diabetes complications, like problems with your feet and heart. Using diabetes tech helps some people keep a closer eye on their levels. You’ll have an HbA1c check every three, six or twelve months, to check your average blood sugar levels. But people with diabetes who take insulin or other medication that causes hypos will check their blood sugar levels at home too. You need a blood sugar monitor and test strips to do this;


  • Ketone monitors – There are other types of tech that can help you manage your diabetes, like ketone monitors which measure the amount of ketones in the blood. Ketones are poisonous chemicals that can develop if there isn’t enough insulin in the body to allow enough glucose to enter the cells. High ketone levels in the blood can lead to a serious condition called diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA);
  • Apps – There are also lots of apps and smart technology that can help you with managing your weight, exercising and carb counting. These aren’t always only for people with diabetes, but you might find them useful for keeping a record of what you’re eating and how much activity you do. There are also apps that are specially designed for people with diabetes, covering everything to help you manage your diabetes;

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