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Membership Benefits

The Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) stands as a beacon of support and advocacy for individuals grappling with diabetes in the twin-island nation. With its commitment to empowering those affected by this chronic condition, the association not only offers a wealth of resources but also extends tangible benefits to its members. By becoming a member of DATT, individuals gain access to a diverse array of membership discounts, ranging from pharmacies to
fitness centers, health labs, doctors, and much more.

Benefits Overview

Members of DATT enjoy exclusive discounts on a range of diabetic supplies and medications at partnered pharmacies across Trinidad and Tobago. These discounts alleviate the financial burden often associated with managing diabetes.

Physical activity is paramount in diabetes management, promoting better blood sugar control and overall health. DATT members benefit from discounted or complimentary access to select fitness centers and gyms, encouraging regular exercise routines tailored to their needs.

Regular monitoring of blood sugar levels and related parameters is essential for diabetes management. DATT members gain access to discounted rates at affiliated health labs, facilitating timely and cost-effective diagnostic services.

Comprehensive healthcare is integral to effectively managing diabetes. Through DATT membership, individuals gain access to reduced consultation fees with participating healthcare providers, including endocrinologists, general practitioners, and diabetes specialists.


Upon joining DATT, members gain immediate access to an extensive network of support, guidance, and resources tailored to the challenges of diabetes management. Whether seeking practical assistance, emotional support, or educational opportunities, the association serves as a steadfast ally in the journey towards optimal health and well-being.

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Make your time count by volunteering for one or more of the many DATT events. You’ll make a difference through community outreach, advocacy, and inspiration.