DATT 6th Form Summer Health Internship


In response to the considerable interest from students seeking volunteer opportunities at our organization, the Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) initiated its 6th Form Internship Programme in 2022. Recognizing the need, we developed a structured seven-week program to offer participating students exposure to various aspects of our operations, including point-of-care testing (HbA1c, Lipid), administrative tasks, fundraising techniques, the daily operations of a diabetes clinic, general eye screening, and research methodologies. Many of these aspiring interns are pursuing careers in nursing, medicine, and surgery. The primary objective of this internship is to furnish these 6th-form students with comprehensive medical-oriented experience, aiding them in their journey toward becoming well-rounded healthcare professionals.


July 13th 2024

Basic info about DATT, introduction to diabetes education, blood sugar and blood pressure testing

Week 1

– Biochemistry of diabetes, introduction to diabetic eye screening, logic framework design for group projects

Week 2

Introduction to medical careers, research methodology and the importance of ethics in medical research and ethical approval process

Week 3

Insights to social media (Instagram and TikTok) and traditional media (radio, TV and branding), introduction to health promotion

Week 4

Field trip to Guardian Media Limited (insights to radio stations, TV stations and newspaper printing)

Week 5

Nutrition education, intervention education, fundraising strategies (budgeting, event planning and reporting)

Week 6

Field trip to S&S Persad (blood sugar and blood pressure testing)

Week 7

Field trip to UWI (introduction to a laboratory technician and laboratory skills- blood collection, blood typing, urinalysis, cell detection under a microscope)

**During each week, the interns will have rotations in addition to the above sessions. The rotations included:

  1. -Administrative duties (phone calls, interacting with DATT customers)
  2. -HbA1c and Lipid Profile testing
  3. -Visiting the Trinidad Eye Hospital
  4. -Visiting the Regional Health Authorities


The internship program is offered at no cost, and all necessary materials will be supplied. Generous sponsorship for the program comes from TATIL and TATIL LIFE.

For More Information:

Contact our Youth Coordinator, Alicia Ramdass at 607-3288 ext. 1004 or email at