We have collectively experienced two of the most unstable years in our lifetimes. We have made it through with shared effort, to preserve life. However, this pandemic caused by a novel virus has highlighted the other pandemic of Diabetes which has been steadily creeping up on us in T&T for the last few decades. Out official Diabetes prevalence rate now hovers around 15%; however, with global findings revealing that half of all People Living with Diabetes (PLWD) are undiagnosed, we may have closer to 30% of our population living with Diabetes. Now more than ever, we must make meaningful steps towards preventing those at risk from developing the disease while also assisting those living with the Diabetes to manage it. At the DATT over the next year, we will focus on building the capacity to deliver care through screening, education, support and volunteerism. We will also work with partners to execute preventative interventions through outreach, across communities, workplaces, and schools. As we mark this World Diabetes Day, our theme this year is ‘’ Education to Protect Tomorrow’’. Education people about their diabetes empowers them to make choices that improve health and allows them to self-advocate for better care.

By President of DATT Association Andrew S.Dhandoo